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We believe fitness is for everyone. Our expert coaches will help you discover your true physical potential at any age or starting level. Our mission is to create a strong and heathy fitness community that inspires positive and lasting change. We support your individual fitness goals and aim to make your session the best hour of your day.


We use the CrossFit training methodology to help you improve your fitness wherever you are on your journey. Most of our members start out never having done CrossFit before and many are new or returning to fitness after a break. So if you’re returning to fitness after children, new to fitness or a competitive CrossFitter, our team of coaches are dedicated to making it the best hour of your day.


Our proven and unique training programming is built around our CrossFit Classes. CrossFit is functional fitness that incorporates elements of Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Metabolic Conditioning in a way that is constantly varied and high intensity. The movements in every class are scaled and taught to fit the individual and their abilities.



We are extremely proud of our amazing Community of coaches and members who make everyone feel welcome. NewWave started out in 2014 as a group of friends training together in a garage in Cobham. We still train with the same ethos but now we get to share it with more people. Training methodologies and coaching will only take you so far without a supportive group of like mined individuals to keep you going and make you laugh when motivation starts to flag.  We believe training is always most effective when it is fun.


We are very proud to have demonstrated this community spirit by winning the WIT box that went above and beyond during lockdown. Our vision of a caring and uplifting community centred around fitness continues to drive us and our team to be the best we can be. 

The sooner you start, the sooner you realise it was an amazing decision to make. You don’t need to be fit or strong to join, you just have to turn up.


CrossFit In Six Words?

CrossFit In Six Words?

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