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All our classes are led and programmed by expect coaches who will support your individual goals, whether that's improving your basic fitness or competitive CrossFit. Our workouts are adapted to your needs whatever your fitness ability.

We offer classes for ALL ages from 4 to 94+. 


Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement classes. The program is scaled to suit all ages and abilities and incorporates a mixture of weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning workouts. The classes typically include a WOD (workout of the day) and a separate strength or skill section. 

A longer WOD including CrossFit style movements, machine work and running to improve endurance and metabolic conditioning. 


These classes focus on developing the strength and mobility needed to achieve some of the more complex gymnastics movements. Starting with the basic positions, this class is suitable for everyone. 

Build strength, coordination and go back to basics with your Olympic Lifting. This fun class is perfect to build confidence in this area and fine tune your lifting technique. 


Improve strength and flexibility and learn skills to aid recovery in an fun and relaxing environment.

If you want more individual training or to focus on improving a specific skill in a 1:1 situation.


A class specifically for older adults. Increase strength, fitness, balance and mobility and a supportive and fun community. 

A strength and conditioning program combining gymnastics, body weight movements and weightlifting designed to be fun for ages 4-16. Good movement mechanics translates into physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer injuries for kids 

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