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Our expert coaches have years of experience between them in professional sport, fitness and coaching. These expertise combined within out specialist training facility provides the best possible environment to help you reach your individual goals. Everyone can benefit from CrossFit whatever your age or ability.

Coach/CrossFit Kids Coach

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Affiliate Owner/Coach/CF-L2/L2 BWL

I have always been keen on fitness, but have been fully involved in training since 2007 when I began rowing. This led to me to win Henley Royal Regatta, represent the Great Britain and medal at the U23 World Championships.

My experience in elite sport gave me a real insight into the effort, commitment, and personal motivation required to obtain sustainable benefits from fitness training.

 I believe CrossFit is the most effective training for all aspects of fitness.

Running a successful bootcamp in Cobham and now NewWave, has highlighted how important a fit and healthy community is to me, it is a privilege to me that my local community has supported me so much

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My passions growing up were football and judo. I start competing from the age of 9 and loved it.

I originally started to follow the CrossFit methodology to complement my football training. Then, when I lost my passion for football, I got hooked on CrossFit and have been fully committed since 2018. The variety in CrossFit means there is always something to get better at. 

I love being able to use my skill to work with members and help them improve their movement and watching them develop their skills and confidence.

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Gym Manager/CF-L1/BWY Teacher

After working in the city as a lawyer advising businesses of all sizes on dispute resolution, risk and strategy, I took a career break to have children. I have always enjoyed sports, particularly outdoors and water-sports. I joined NewWave as a member in its first year and it soon became my favourite sport.

I started working with the coaching team soon afterwards to give them business support. I now manage the day to day running of the Box. I love that I can use my business skills to help, support and guide a community that is so passionate about improving peoples lives.

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Coach/CF-L2/CrossFit Kids Coach

As a former gymnast I have been involved in competitive sport from a young age and, ever since, fitness and exercise has always played an important role in my life. 

After working as a nanny and personal trainer for several years I decided to combine my two passions and did a BAEd in Primary Education with a specialism in Physical Education.

Thereafter, I worked in a number of schools where I headed up the PE departments and helped change the attitudes children (and their families) had to health and fitness.

I am now a mother to 3 great kids, all of whom enjoy various sporting activities including CrossFit Kids which I coach both at NewWave and at local Schools.

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My passion in the fitness industry is helping people of all ages ad fitness abilities to reach their goals. There is no better feeling that helping someone achieve something they didn’t think possible.

I have been working in fitness since 2015 and joined NewWave as a member shortly after, becoming part of the coaching team in 2019. I love the CrossFit methodology and apply it to not only myself, but to my personal clients because of it’s variety and never ending journey of progress. I became a qualified sports therapist in 2018, treating and rehabbing a number of injuries. The best aspect of CrossFit is that regardless of your ability or fitness level, you can get an amazing workout and improve your health.

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I started Training CrossFit in 2017 after my kids became a little older. I became obsessed like most people do when they start CrossFit. The ever changing terrain and moving targets are absolutely addictive. You get constant feedback every time you walk into a gym, to be able to move forward and become stronger, faster, more agile, for sustainable, at any given thing. 

The buzz that I receive from the Box, Competitions and bettering myself as an athlete, is only matched by the victories of the people I coach. Coaching is a true vocation for me. The relationships you can build with people in a CrossFit Box you cant build anywhere else. 

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From the time I could walk to 19 years old I was passionate about football. I found CrossFit in 2019 and felt involved with it after my very first session . The constantly varied approach really humbled me (and still does!), so I kept coming back to make progress. 

I sadly suffered a stoke back in December 2020 and I had to learn to talk again. I have accredited a lot of my recovery to the fantastic community at NewWave and CrossFit as a sport - it put me in a great headspace to tackle my recovery. I now get to share the benefit of fitness as a coach.

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Coach/L2 Oly Weightlifting

At the age of 15 , I pursued a career in powerlifting where I competed nationally/internationally. At the 2016 European Championships, I broke 6 world records and 1 European record winning the under 18 category. 

Whilst completing my undergraduate/ maters degree in Electronic Communication Engineering, I switched my focus to Olympic Weightlifting. 

In my first few year of competing I won Gold at the English and British championships earning me a spot on the GB Squad. On my international debut, I placed 4th In the European u23 category and broke British u23 records across the board.

I love to use my experience, extensive knowledge and passion to help individuals of all levels to reach their potential. 

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Coach/CF-L2/YT-L3 (200 hrs)

I developed a love of fitness during my time in the Royal Marines Commandos, where rigorous training is a staple of everyday life.

Since leaving the forces CrossFit has filled a void that is: the continual pursuit of excellence, within a supportive community.

Im an all or nothing kind of person so it seemed obvious that my own self development would lead me on the path to becoming a coach. I have a genuine love for coaching because helping others achieve things they never thought possible gives me true purpose. Starting with my beloved family, I aspire to improve the lives of as many people as possible.

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